Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

At Lil’ Habit you engage a new daily habit that triggers your Resistance so that you can become aware of the familiar narrative that kicks in to stop you. Then we work to uncouple YOU from your Resistance, so that you can begin to experience it as a third party who gives laughably terrible advice.


Once you learn how to consistently move past the guardian of your status quo, you can get all the goodies that exist outside of your comfort zone.

Course Curriculum

    1. Choose Your Lil' Habit

    2. Name your Lil' Habit

    3. Consistency is Your Goal

    1. How to Meet Your Resistance

    2. Meet Your Resistance

    3. Meet Others' Resistance

    1. Be Curious

    2. Download Curiosity Wheel

    1. Choose to Succeed

    2. Download Friction Sweep

    1. Experiencing Pleasure is Required

    2. Download YAY Tracker

Course Details

  • $27.00
  • 21 lessons
  • Customized Habit Trackers
  • Self-Assessment Worksheets
  • Kickstart Workbook


Our "Go Big or Go Home" culture has left many people feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and gloomy, when all it takes is a lil' action to turn things around.

  • Can you do something lil' every day? Of course you can!

  • No fluff. Complete the course in an hour.

  • Proven methods broken into bite-sized steps.

  • Lil' Habit is "simple, achievable, and powerful."

  • You can use these strategies the rest of your life.

"In the beginning, performance is irrelevant. Doing something impressive once or twice isn’t going to matter if you never stick with it for the long-run. Make your new habit so easy that you can't say no."


What Students Are Saying

“Honestly, working with Andrea Engstrom to establish a new 'Lil' Habit is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Not only did I develop a lifelong practice with inestimable positive effects, but the tools and techniques are mine forever! Andrea is smart, insightful, and empathetic, not to mention hilarious! I'm so very grateful for the work we did together.”

TODD, Filmmaker

“You have blown my mind!!! I am a lifelong consumer of self help, spiritual literature, and am always searching for a plan or tool that will help me do the HARD WORK for the BIG results. I see pieces of the best of all I've studied in your Lil’ Habit workbook. The practices, wisdom and science will be familiar to seekers. The concise and fresh presentation IS AMAZING AND YOU WILL BELIEVE, "Hell, I can do this little workbook." And be excited to do it because what Andrea has really done is freed you from the HARD work for BIG results.”


“Tooooo many good things to say about this amazing lady and her amazing work!! I can honestly say her course is spot on and beyond helpful. I have learned so much about myself. I have personally recommended Andrea to two friends already. Highly highly recommend!! Ten stars!”

NATASHA, Healthcare Recruiter

“I found Andrea’s Lil’ Habit Kickstart workbook extremely effective in helping to identify my Resistance to establishing a daily lil’ habit, in my case writing articles for a new newsletter I’m starting. I also really loved her inspiring quotes as well as doing the Curiosity Wheel, which helped me discover some areas about myself I hadn’t really verbalized before. I think the workbook is definitely a great kickstart to creating a lil’ habit and I’m feeling the positive effects after just a week. I’ve already finished two articles!”

RW, Artist & Business Owner

“The Lil’ Habit Kickstart workbook gave me the boost of inspiration I so desperately needed right now. (And which so many people need after the last two years!) The exercises, reflections and thought-provoking quotes immediately motivated me to analyze my behavior and understand how my internalized Resistance was keeping me from my goals. It’s like a heavy weight has been lifted and the fog is finally clearing. I feel healthier, happier and more optimistic than I’ve felt in years. And each day I am seeing the tangible results of putting my Lil’ Habit into practice. Thank you Andrea! This work has the potential to change so many lives for the better.”

RYAN, Teacher

“I overthink everything. Every. Single. Thing. So, getting into the habit of moving my body thoughtfully and with the purpose of being well has been a lifelong struggle. Why can’t I just give myself 15 minutes a day to exercise? Surely, I’m worth that. Over the years, I had turned what should have been a small and reasonable commitment, into a mountain to climb. The self-talk was ridiculous. The excuses were pathetic. But after working with Andrea at Lil’ Habit, I have faithfully been moving for 15 minutes each day. She helped me find a new perspective that inspired me to remold my resistance into a functional, effortless habit. Andrea helped me turn my mountain of inactivity into a lil’ molehill of yoga, dancing, stretching, walking! Thank you!”

REBECCA, Filmmaker

“Lil Habit has been hugely helpful in getting me headed in the right direction. The lil habit I started with was bite size and manageable and not transformative on its face, but it helped me to shift my focus and commit, and it set off a domino effect of behaviors and decisions that propelled me toward my larger goal. Start Lil and you can achieve big things!”

DON – Media Executive

Master Certified Coach

Andrea Engstrom, MCLC

Master Certified Coach

I'm a writer, producer, and digital media pioneer. I've worked for giant corporations, Hollywood studios, and entrepreneurs with big ideas. I know how to get sh*t done. I'm also a master certified coach who blends the science of habit formation with the study of personality and the art of character development. The Lil' Habit method feels familiar, but with a twist.
  • Is there a habit you've wanted to start but for some reason it just doesn't stick?

  • Lil' Habit provides simple and creative solutions that make it easy to be successful.

  • Sign up for the Kickstart to follow through on what YOU want and begin to feel better.

Your Fresh Start Begins Now

If your all-or-nothing definition of success is Go Big or Go Home, it's time to rethink that. Learn how to make it lil' instead.